Hearthstone Wild Tournament

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Hearthstone Wild Tournament

International Finals (the “Tournament(s)”). These Official Rules, in conjunction with the / Hearthstone Tournament Player. Handbook. Our history of hearthstone tournament has just wrapped up, and the June season is coming to a close! What decks should you take to the wild? Flatch_ 3 12 EipokKruden 0 Flatch_ 3 11 jonaqec 3 Flyboi55 0 10 renojackson_hs 2 Flatch_ 3 9 cone 0 EipokKruden 3 8 Velken_Iakov 0. <


Community Tournaments. Still, with a fortunate string of matchups, Odd Warrior can take you far on the Wild ladder. I repeat, they are NOT core cards and in fact,​. International Finals (the “Tournament(s)”). These Official Rules, in conjunction with the / Hearthstone Tournament Player. Handbook. „Wählt euren Champion“ für die World Championship präsentiert von T-​Mobile kehrt zurück. vor 4 Tagen · Zuschauerguide für die Hearthstone Masters.

Hearthstone Wild Tournament The Hearthstone Wild Open Returns For 2019 - January & February Video

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Hearthstone Wild Tournament

Worldwide Wild Hearthstone Community. Long days and pleasant nights to you, friend, The Hearthstone Tavern is a magical place, run by the warm and hearty dwarf, Harth Stonebrew, where all rivalries and feuds are put away and people of all races from everywhere on Azeroth can drink, tell stories, and relax from their adventures by playing games of cards… Read More.

For… Read More. Dirty Rat popped up… Read More. Read More. Why this balance now and not in the past? Someone is oblivious to the fact that the card was used in an infuriating package that used Coldlight Oracle for mill, and how the weapon could be easily fished out.

You have no idea how infuriating playing against it in Wild was with a 10 attack permanent Lifesteal weapon that basically shat on every Control deck.

Big Priest preys on classes like warlock if they're control and not decking in the good ole treachery doomsayer counter and other slow decks.

Potion of Polymorph completely shuts down priest for an entire turn and when timed smartly removes an entire threat from the rez pool for the entire game.

You also just ignore obsidian statue because the minion is a non-threat. Not sure what you guys are doing against Big Priest but when I stopped playing copy pasta greedy warlock decks and looked at the match-up the games got so much easier.

So naturally I have optimism for players this in tourney that Big Priest won't be as universally successful as some players here think.

But I can see, how this deck is very frustrating for a lot of decks because of the lack of viable neutral polymorph cards. Ramp will always a turn slower cuz of nerfs, wait til the even shamans and odd rogues come through..

Oh really? Reno decks have a Skulking Geist in them by default, a smart player playing against Jade Druid if any still exist after the nerfs to Nourish and Wild Growth will have Skulking Geist to play on curve to deny Jade Idol and limit how big the Jades get.

Paladin Cards. Priest Cards. Rogue Cards. Shaman Cards. Warlock Cards. Warrior Cards. Trial by Felfire. Inquisitor Dakrel. Zixor, Apex Predator. Kanrethad Prime.

Burgrak Cruelchain. Felstorm Run. Mother Shahraz. Magtheridon Prime. Baduu Prime. Illidan Stormrage. Doom Lord Kazzak. Gruul the Dragonkiller. Teron Gorefiend.

Lady Vashj. Kael'thas Sunstrider. Galakrond's Awakening. Reno Jackson. Sir Finley. Puppetmaster Lazul. United Sr. Nithogg Guide.

The Dragonflights Guide. The Wanderer Guide. Tombs of Terror. Tombs of Terror Guide. Reno Jackson Guide. Sir Finley Guide.

Elise Starseeker Guide. Brann Bronzebeard Guide. Wriggling Horror. Golakka Crawler. The Lurker Below.

Draenei Totemcarver. The Storm Bringer. Even Shaman is a powerful board-centric archetype that can quickly fill the battlefield with Totems via its 1-mana Hero Power.

The accompanying deck is stuffed full of Totem-synergistic spells, minions, and weapons, making full use of Genn Greymane's ability. A staple of the Wild format for years, Even Shaman is poised to continue happily spamming Totems throughout Madness at the Darkmoon Faire's expansion cycle.

Creating Totems provides stat increases and mana discounts to large minions such as Draenei Totemcarver, Thing from Below, and Sea Giant, while the Totems themselves become threats of their own through Totemic Surge and Splitting Axe.

Powerful support spells in Devolve and Crackle allow Even Shaman to breeze past enemy walls and burst the opponent down, respectively. Even Shaman's arsenal continues to expand with each passing expansion, and as a result, the decklists can vary quite drastically month to month as players adapt to current meta trends.

Madness at the Darkmoon Faire did not bring as much to the table as some prior expansions have, but one new addition is incredibly powerful: Cagematch Custodian.

Cagematch Custodian has shored up one of Even Shaman's biggest weaknesses in card draw, and tutored card draw is even better.

In combination with Manafeeder Panthara and Voracious Reader from Scholomance Academy, Even Shaman can carry out its game plan more reliably than ever.

Struggling against arguably the best deck in the format is quite the obstacle to overcome, and we don't see this dynamic changing anytime soon.

The archetype has picked up one very exciting new toy, though: Cagematch Custodian has dramatically increased the consistency of a turn 4 Splitting Axe blowout play.

With that in mind, we argue that the best direction for Even Shaman is to lean even harder into Totems and forgo most of the conventional top end to the mana curve, including Sea Giants, The Lurker Below, and The Storm Bringer.

In exchange, we can fit Voracious Readers in to quickly cycle through the deck. Diligent Notetaker can double up on a 0-mana Totemic Might or Totemic Surge, pumping out a ton of value while also keeping hand size small for Voracious Reader to continue digging.

Whether or not Wriggling Horror is worth a permanent slot over old favorites like Sea Giant remains to be seen. Early into the expansion cycle, the meta is quite starkly divided into two types of players: those who want to experiment with new synergies typically on the greedier side and those who want to take advantage of the first group through established aggressive archetypes.

Against more of the former e. The power of Voracious Reader quickly drops with each additional 6-mana minion, however. Emperor Thaurissan.

Reno Warlock plays all of the best board clears that the Warlock has to offer and takes full advantage of its potent Hero Power, Life Tap.

Reno Warlock often contains anti-combo and anti-control disruption options, which, to be used optimally, involves having knowledge of your opponent's strategy and lists, card by card.

Often this can involve pulling or removing key minions or spells at specific times, with tools such as Dirty Rat and Gnomeferatu, magnified by Brann Bronzebeard or Deathlord.

This game plan has been augmented in the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire by the inclusion of the new Legendary Demon Tickatus, who, if played in his Corrupt form, removes the top five cards of an opposing deck.

Some lists have begun to overpower their opponents with new spell Deck of Chaos, while others include Tickatus as a straightforward and powerful disruption condition.

In the final days of Scholomance Academy, Reno Warlock was on the rise. What was true then remains true now, in the early matches in the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire.

The archetypes that were popular a few weeks ago are are popular now, and Reno Warlock has added new value and disruption-oriented tools to make its matchups into greedier and slower lists even better.

Occult Conjurer. Rigged Faire Game. Arcane Flakmage. Flame Ward. Secret Mage is a proactive deck built to gain massive tempo swings in the early game before burning opponents down to finish them.

Counterspell and Explosive Runes are especially effective in keeping opponents from getting even or ahead on board, often preventing opponents from making optimal plays while the Mage develops on the board.

After early board advantage pressures the opponent enough, the deck switches gears to a burn-focused gameplan. Damage from both minions in the form of Cloud Prince and Medivh's Valet, as well as from spells like Fireball, provide plenty of reach to end the game.

The switch to a burn-based game plan is linchpinned by Aluneth, the Legendary 6-mana weapon that draws three cards at the end of each turn.

With it, the Secret Mage can reach most of its burn and mana-cheating minions, like Kabal Crystal Runner, incredibly quickly.

Madness at the Darkmoon Faire was kind to Secret Mage, bringing several new options for the archetype.

Rigged Faire Game is a Secret that provides the archetype with more draw. Occult Conjurer is a strong 4-mana minion that slots into one of the deck's weakest mana slots.

All of the new cards help the Mage further its game plan: gain tempo in the early turns, then draw into tons of burn to finish off opponents quickly.

Jaina has been having a lot of fun making her opponents play around pink Christmas trees this expansion. Darkmoon Faire has brought several new additions to the archetype, with options for the deck now so abundant that cards that used to cheat out Secrets aren't even making the cut.

New cards like Game Master and Inconspicuous Rider are both very powerful, but they haven't been able to make their way into most lists. What new cards have been seeing play, then?

Sayge, Seer of Darkmoon has had a lasting effect on the archetype, functioning as a mini Aluneth when players haven't yet drawn their weapon.

With how strong cycle has proven to be in the archetype, expect Sayge to stick around at the top end of the deck's curve. Occult Conjurer was the card that players were most excited about for Secret Mage, and it has seen plenty of play too.

It fits perfectly in the deck's weakest mana slot, though experts are still unsure of whether the new minion will stick around as the meta matures and decks are refined.

After all, Occult Conjurer is just a pile of stats at the end of the day, and in a format where overwhelmingly synergistic decks dominate, a pile of stats isn't always enough to make a difference in a matchup.

Finally, Rigged Faire Game has provided yet another Secret for opponents to play around. So far, players have been lukewarm toward its inclusion, but it is still too early to decide if Rigged Faire Game merits a slot.

The deck is teched for slower matchups, so we highly recommend making the substitutions listed unless one is also facing slower archetypes.

Arcane Flakmage is simply too powerful against aggro to run a single copy in most situations, and Flame Ward stops fast decks in their tracks.

The Amazing Reno. Grizzled Wizard. Sir Finley Mrrgglton. Reno Pocket Galaxy Mage is a flexible, Highlander archetype that leverages the mana cheat of Luna's Pocket Galaxy to open up its toolbox of options.

Reno Mage is one of the most flexible archetypes in the history of the format, and Luna's Pocket Galaxy only aids in doubling down on that. Traditionally, Reno Mage has been an all-star at keeping aggressive archetypes in check while also serving as one of the biggest thorns in combo archetypes' side, because of the potency of Ice Block and Reno Mage's consistent means of getting it into play consistently.

The highlander payoff cards consisting of Reno Jackson, Reno the Relicologist, Kazakus and Zephrys the Great build the backbone to the archetype.

Their flexibility as well as anti-aggro nature shore up aggressive matchups while providing flexibility in situations that warrant control.

Be it board control or combating pressure, Mage's Highlander package is only second to Priest. Madness at the Darkmoon Faire is scant in terms of additions to the Reno Mage arsenal.

Some brewers have prospected that N'Zoth, God of the Deep has potential in the archetype, given the class's flexibility and ability to field a diverse array of creatures.

The new Elemental tribe support shows small amounts of promise as well, with the addition of Firework Elemental and the eventual payoff of Frost Lich Jaina.

However, the tried-and-true Battlecry-based toolbox approach, with a slew of new support from Scholomance Academy staple Animated Broomstick, continues to be the basis upon which successful Reno Pocket Galaxy Mages are being built.

With a week under our belts in the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion, Reno Pocket Galaxy Mage continues to show promise as a continually budding archetype.

However, it hasn't been off the back of newly introduced cards. While the archetype got several new "personal preference sidegrades" for existing staples, the bulk of the heavy lifting continues to be propped up by existing packages of cards or by old cards'—like Explosive Sheep's—entrance back into the fray, as the likes of Odd Paladin and Aggro Druid continue to stake their claim as two of the best decks in the format.

One of the most impactful innovations the archetype has seen recently is the addition of Animated Broomstick to leverage the various 1-mana minions immediately on board.

Even pre—Luna's Pocket Galaxy, Broom helps keep boards in check and things wrangled under control in order to set up a curve of midgame board clears, like Reno the Relicologist.

His toolbox list cruised into top 40 Legend on the Americas server and continues to perform admirably as the days pass by.

Meowth's list builds upon the shell many players have come to consider bog standard. Where choices get very interesting is in the low curve.

With attacking Heroes and fast, tall minions omnipresent in the meta, Meowth has deemed right now a good of time as ever to bring back the additional early interaction.

The popularity of Embiggen and Odd Paladin has also given Devolving Missiles a chance to make a name for itself as well. The Wild meta has placed such an extreme emphasis on one- and two-drops, plus buffs, that Devolving Missiles could be the way.

As with most early metas, the subtle tinkering and card swaps in a Highlander list are going to be quite frequent and varied, as the meta self-adjusts and orients itself to the new cards.

While there are no new cards being employed to a broad stroke of success in the format for the moment, that definitely doesn't rule them out moving forward.

Luna's Pocket Galaxy is just the type of card to blow the potential for innovation and new cards wide open. Making a minion cost 1 measly mana goes a long way!

Malygos Druid is a combo deck built around the ability of its namesake Dragon, aiming to deal a lethal amount of burst damage to the opponent in one turn.

In order to cast all of these expensive cards in one turn, the archetype abuses the interaction between Aviana and Kun, the Forgotten King to restore mana and reduce the price of all minions to 1 mana.

This is not enough, however, so the deck uses Kael'thas Sunstrider to reduce the cost of every third spell, also to 1 mana. Sathrovarr is the final expensive minion in the combo package, allowing the Druid player access to up to three Malygos on the combo turn.

This makes saving specific burn spells less necessary than before, as only a few are needed for the final burst. Juicy Psychmelon is everything the archetype could ask for in a spell, allowing the Druid to tutor up to four combo pieces from the deck.

The expansion Madness at the Darkmoon Faire released recently, and it has yet to make an impact on Malygos Druid. Some players have talked about the possible inclusion of Solar Eclipse, but that card has yet to see any tangible results.

Malygos Druid has yet to include any cards from Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, but that could be due to a low play rate, with players testing out new archetypes instead.

The deck hasn't lost consistency or gained any bad matchups, so overall, not much has changed for the archetype. Reno Priest and Darkglare Warlock continue to dominate the metagame, with the latter boasting a very high win rate against Malygos Druid.

Aggressive decks like Aggro Druid and Odd Paladin continue to be winnable, thanks to huge amounts of Armor very early in the game. Big Priest has picked up a bit in popularity, which is a net positive for Malygos Druid: it is hard for the Priest player to interact much in that matchup.

With a fairly tight list, players are unsure if any of the new cards are strong enough for the deck. Solar Eclipse could be useful as a way to ensure enough burn at the end of the game, but that doesn't tend to be a problem with the current archetype, like it was in the past.

Malygos Druid hasn't moved much in either direction and also hasn't seen much recent play. Galakrond Warrior is an aggressive mid-range deck that uses Invokes to upgrade its namesake in order to close out the game.

Galakrond Warrior was created in the Descent of Dragons expansion when Galakrond, the Unbreakable was printed. This card made the Invoke cards give 3 Attack to the hero.

This Invoke is very good at maintaining the board and applying pressure without the presence of a board. Since then, the deck has gone through numerous iterations.

First, it was played with Risky Skipper in a more defensive style of deck. Then, it was played with Pirates to be more aggressive.

Bombs have also been added to the deck, along with Clockwork Goblin and Wrenchcalibur to nullify the effects of singleton cards.

The new cards Ringmaster Whatley seems to be a natural inclusion. Babbling Books regularly pull Polymorphs.

Ragnaros shots somehow find their way past a fortress of minions. You get the idea. So if all of this madness can occur in Standard, just imagine what kind of salt-producing and headset-smashing surprises await in Wild.

Wild is a lawless land, a place where all card combinations are allowed and your most disgusting deck lists are free from restrictions.

Kaum Hearthstone Wild Tournament - Wild Combo Priest

The Darkness. When you settle down for another best of five that runs through Quest Rogue and Taunt Warrior and Murloc Paladin, it can feel a little repetitive. It makes sense: Blizzard want Türkisches Spiel push the latest batch of cards and players are regularly encouraged to devise new deck ideas with each cycle. About Hearthstone Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Written by James Pickard Published on The upgraded Hero Power features an increased Attack to 2, up Prostitution Las Vegas the Mobile De Türkçe usual 1 Attack. However, Leeching Poison was nerfed, and Kingsbane is now only played in aggressive Open Dota decks. As with most early Mobilbet Login, the subtle tinkering and österreich Schnaps swaps in a Highlander list are going to be quite frequent and varied, as the meta self-adjusts and orients itself to the new cards. Both of these cards help the deck in different ways. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. He regularly finishes in the top 10 and has two 1 Legend finishes on the Wild ladder. While Hunter might not have access to Life Tap, the abundant access to tutor effects makes up for the lack of raw draw with targeted draw. Also, if we include Swindle, we might find ourselves with an excessive number of card draw in the Alvorada Wiener Kaffee there are currently Secret Passage, Cutting Class, Kobold Stickyfingers, and Raiding Party. General Information On this Gamed De, you will find all the wild Hearthstone Wild Tournament that we currently have on Icy Veins. WoW Classic.
Hearthstone Wild Tournament
Hearthstone Wild Tournament Hi, guys! We're running a new series of Hearthstone Wild tournaments for next few weeks. We're partnering with *Heart of the Wild* Hearthstone Facebo. Die Hearthstone Wild Open sind zurück! Hier findet ihr alle Details zum wildesten Turnier des Jahres. Overwatch World Cup. Hearthstone Masters. StarCraft II WCS. World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. Community-Turniere. Schließen. „Wählt euren Champion“ für die World Championship präsentiert von T-​Mobile kehrt zurück. vor 4 Tagen · Zuschauerguide für die Hearthstone Masters.
Hearthstone Wild Tournament
Hearthstone Wild Tournament Nevertheless, the odd Wild tournament has cropped up in the past, and just last week Blizzard announced that later this year they’ll be hosting the Hearthstone Wild Open: a global tournament based. Things are about to get Wild in the third-ever Hearthstone Wild Open because this year, the tournament is more accessible than ever. The online-only Wild Open will have qualification into playoffs via the Wild ranked ladder and boast a $30, prize pool split among the Top Eight. Want to try your hand?. Tournament Formats All Open Division teams will clash throughout up to nine weeks of regular season swiss matches to clinch a spot in the double-elimination regional playoff. Unlike in previous seasons, teams will now sign up to play in one of two divisions, Eastern or Western, based on the location of their school. The Wild format, or simply Wild, is one of Hearthstone 's two game formats, the other being Standard format. Wild format appears in game modes in which players are allowed to play decks without the deck restrictions of Standard format, allowing the use of cards from any card set. Sparkz, who has been a long-time user (and more recently a moderator) on our Discord channel, partnered with Solem to host two (NA & EU) $1k USD Wild tournaments a few weeks ago. It had a combined participants and was rather successful, so he decided to take things one step further and kickstart a season based tournament format. Nevertheless, the odd Wild tournament has cropped up in the past, and just last week Blizzard announced that later this year they’ll be hosting the Hearthstone Wild Open: a global tournament Author: James Pickard. All Hearthstone tournaments. List of all future and past tournaments, schedule of events and matches Tournament Date Prize Pool; Hearthstone World Championship $, Battleriff Invitational 2: $1, Things are about to get Wild in the third-ever Hearthstone Wild Open because this year, the tournament is more accessible than ever. The online-only Wild Open will have qualification into playoffs via the Wild ranked ladder and boast a $30, prize pool split among the Top Eight. But it has Zahl attack So the only way to make it playable is via combo they showed up on stream? Top Schulnote Moments Spielautomaten Manipuliert Summer Championship Four players qualified for the world championship un an action-packed weekend of competitive hearthstone. Looking for an odd control deck with lots of Kostenlos Spiele Kinderspiele and powerful weapons?


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